BASS.NET is entirely written in C# (managed code) and works with the Framework v2.0, v3.0, v3.5 and v4.0/4.5 or above (e.g. to target Windows x86 or x64 platforms), .NET Core v2.0 or above and .NET Standard v2.0 or above (e.g. to target any cross-platform development) as well as with the resp. Framework (e.g. to target Linux, Android or Apple iOX and OSX platforms) and supports any managed language, like C#, VB.Net, JScript, F# or managed C++. There are also special CompactFramework (CE and iPhone/iPad) versions of BASS.NET available to support development for older mobile devices. For iPhone/iPad development the Framework might be used.

click here to download the latest stable release of bass.net


BASS.NET fully integrates to your Visual Studio 2008 or 2017 environment and is shipped with a MS Help 1.x, MS Help 2.x as well as MS HelpViewer documentation. However, it might also be used with any other .Net development platform.

BASS.NET is the property of radio42 and is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties.
BASS is not sold, it is licensed.
© 2005-2018 by radio42, Germany - All rights reserved.
Author: Bernd Niedergesäß
Requires: BASS © 1999-2018 by Ian Luck.

the native bass libraries are not included and need to be downloaded seperately.

bass is an audio library for use in software on several platforms. its purpose is to provide developers with powerful and efficient sample, stream, music, and recording functions. the full feature list is too long to be named here, but you can get it at .

bass and add-ons: all trademarks and other registered names contained in the bass.net package are the property of their respective owners.

you need to register bass.net in order to obtain a valid license. without registering bass.net a splash screen will appear with the first call to any bass.net method.

If you want to see a real-life application using BASS.NET, check out our Playout and Broadcast Automation Solution
ProppFrexx ONAIR - a new standard in broadcast radio automation.

BASS.NET Features

6188appdo you like perfection? we do!


bass.net is a .net wrapper for the bass audio library and all it's add-ons - available at . it can be used with the .net framework and with any managed language, like c#, vb.net, jscript, f# or managed c++. the bass.net release version is installed in the specified 'install-directory' and will be registered to the .net framework as a standard component (make sure to add a respective reference to the bass.net assembly within your project).

the native bass libraries are not included and need to be downloaded seperately - so make sure to place the bass library and the needed add-on libraries to your project executable directory (e.g. place the bass.dll to your .\bin\debug folder).

Note, that there are four Bass.Net assemblies available (side-by-side): one targeting the .Net v2.0 Framework and one targeting the .Net v4.0 Framework, plus a special CE and iPhone/iPad version. These versions are installed underneath the selected 'install-directory' within the following sub-folders:

.\v2.0  Bass.Net for .Net 2.0 (Bass.Net.dll)
Targeting x86 and x64, Windows, Linux or Apple OSX development.
.\v4.0  Bass.Net for .Net 4.0 (Bass.Net.dll)
Targeting x86 and x64, Windows, Linux or Apple OSX development.
.\v4.5  Bass.Net for .Net 4.5 or above (Bass.Net.dll)
Targeting x86 and x64, Windows, Linux or Apple OSX development.
.\core  Bass.Net for .Net core 2.1 or above (Bass.Net.dll)
Targeting x86 and x64, Windows, Linux or Apple OSX, iOS development.
.\standard  Bass.Net for .Net Standard 2.0 or above (Bass.Net.dll)
Targeting x86 and x64, Windows, Linux or Apple OSX, iOS development.
.\WinStore  Bass.Net WinStore .Net portable (Bass.Net.WinStore.dll)
Targeting Windows CE development.
.\iOS  Bass.Net for Xamarin.iOS (Bass.Net.iOS.dll)
Targeting mobile iOS development (static, __Internal linking).
.\Android  Bass.Net for Xamarin.Android (Bass.Net.android.dll)
Targeting mobile Android development.
.\Linux  Bass.Net for Mono (Bass.Net.Linux.dll)
Targeting desktop Linux development.
.\OSX  Bass.Net for Mono (Bass.Net.OSX.dll)
Targeting desktop MAC OSX development.

BASS.NET is a pure .Net assembly which is compiled with the for Any CPU switch. This means it can directly be used on any 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. In a 32-bit environment BASS.NET will automatically be executed as a 32-bit assembly and in a 64-bit environment as a 64-bit assembly.
As such, make sure to use the respective versions of the native BASS/AddOn libraries with it!


Beside supporting ALL standard BASS/AddOn functions and features, BASS.NET comes with several other extras being included:

  • Comprehensive help systems provided
  • Registers as a .Net framework assembly component
  • Fully CLS compliant
  • Strong named assembly
  • Fully 32- and 64-bit compliant
  • Various samples for C# and VB.Net included
  • General Conversion and Helper methods
  • Visualisation classes
  • WaveForm rendering
  • DSP Framework
  • Encoder Framework
  • Streaming Server Framework (incl. Broadcasting)
  • Extended TAG reading
  • Direct MIDI communication
  • Alternative BPM detection
  • ASIO Helper classes
  • WASAPI Helper classes


bass.net currently supported the following bass add-ons: bass, bassenc, bassmix, bass_fx, bass_asio, basswasapi, bass_wadsp, bass_vst, bass_sfx, basswma, basscd, bassflac, bassopus, bassmidi, basswv, bassdsd, basshls, bass_spx, bass_mpc, bass_ac3, bass_aac, bass_alac, bass_tta, bass_ape, bass_ofr, bass_adx, bass_aix, basswinamp.


5000+ Happy Users

Every day new users download BASS.NET to support their (free) development.

All Plug-Ins, All Add-Ons

BASS.NET supports all native BASS libraries incl. all add-ons and plug-ins.

Comitted since 2001

We support every update of BASS since over 18 years.


Since BASS.NET is a pure .Net assembly, we do support the following operating systems (x86 as well as x64):
Windows (all versions), Linux (using mono.Net/Xamarin), OSX (using Xamarin), iOS (using Xamarin), Android (using Xamarin).
BASS.NET is compiled as for 'Any CPU', which means it can be used in both 32-bit and 64-bit applications in exactly the same way.
But note, that you need to use the correct native BASS library version respectively!
The simple answer is: All but the.Net v1.0 framework.
But note, that there is a special BASS.NET version compiled for the .Net v2.0 framework (to use also with .Net v3.0/v3.5) and a version compiled for the .Net v4.0 framework (to use also with .Net v4.5).
You can use any IDE with BASS.NET (e.g. Visual Studio, SharpDevelop, MonoDevelop, Xamarin Studio).
BASS.NET itself is developed with Visual Studio and integrates with it best, since it comes with the native help systems for Visual Stidio.


un4seen (ian luck), the developer of bass is our partner ;-)


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